Once upon a time…

Dancers at heart and writers in the wings, we met in 1990 while pursuing our passion in an adult jazz and tap class at a successful Milwaukee area dance studio. An unlikely duo, we were at different stages in our lives completely unaware of how much we had in common.  During the early years, Doris loved to tease Pandy about coming to class with wet hair and having to dance behind her ever-growing mop. Bonded by a sense of humor, a friendship blossomed.  Eventually, Pandy joined Doris as a member of the studio’s teaching staff and a lasting connection formed.

As two dance professionals with combined classroom experience of over 40 years, we’ve attended numerous conventions and competitions having danced and chaperoned our way across the United States from Chicago to Las Vegas, New York to Disney World. Together we share a great love for our students and their families as well as a wealth of many wonderful dance-filled memories.

Along the way, students planted the seed, “What’s a good dance book to read?”

But with our dance careers thriving, during year end recitals we focused on our theatrical side by scripting productions and organizing acting talent while performing voiceovers and many between scene skits.  Working backstage, the two of us were privy to outrageously comical and dramatic events the audience never witnessed. 

Through the years, we laughed and cried, especially after Pandy’s father tragically died and she suffered a debilitating injury.  When doctors said she should no longer dance, she was forced to reflect inward. Recognizing her deep loss and pain, Doris suggested another creative outlet. A secret passion for writing emerged and the seeds planted years earlier sprouted.  We began meeting once a week at a local bookstore where Libby Nobleton, and her dog, Barney, were born. We bet you can guess the name of the bookstore! Initially a children’s book, our story, with the grace of God, took on a life of its own and developed into A Dancer’s Legend.

Our partnership has been a remarkable journey of faith and sheer tenacity. Blessed with supportive families and divine help every step of the way, our two hearts crafted the first in our series, A Dancer’s Legend. We pray it inspires you to always be dancers at heart.  We’d love to hear from you, especially if you were ever one of our students.  Happy reading! 

With Love from Two Writers, Miss Doris and Miss Pandy