Dancers at Heart receives a hearty round of applause from
Milwaukee “dancers at heart” win big with debut book

“Young teen-age girls will love The Legend of L’Esprit—and moms of those teen-agers might want to read and enjoy it right along with them!  This intriguing mystery with a dance theme has all of the ingredients to make it a must-read for girls including an ending that hints at further adventures to come for the main character, Libby and her friends. The authors have created characters you’ll come to consider friends and a plot that ties secrets from the past to a puzzle that unravels for the young dancer-sleuths in the present.  The dance theme and the romantic stories–both past and present—will stir the imagination of young girls and perhaps encourage some budding dancers.  This is a wonderful story of friendship,love, hope, and adventure.” ~Jill Lindberg/Author, Editor, and Educator

“I just finished The Legend of L’Esprit and completely LOVED IT!  I couldn’t put it down.  This story is beautifully written  and touches on all emotions.  I really enjoyed it!  The characters are totally lovable.  (Except for Whitney, Tia, and Isabelle–we love to hate them!) C.C. is so fiery and quick-witted, always the comic relief.  Brooke, the sweetheart of L’Esprit just oozes love.  And Libby, passionate yet down to earth, is just the whole package.  Another character that is really well developed and lovable is the studio, L’Esprit–truly a character in itself.  As a reader, you really come to love “her”, but you’re unsure whether you should or not.  Very cool!  Dancers are going to love that each chapter opens with a carefully chosen ballet term and definition.  The way the past storyline of Daniella and AJ is interwoven with Libby’s present day experiences is really neat.  I especially love how, at certain times, the reader knows more than Libby and we’re just dying to know how she’s going to figure it all out, how it’s going to unfold for her.  I believe dancers and non-dancers of all ages are going to enjoy this book.  It was definitely a fun read for me!  I’m so impressed and excited to share this with my dancers.” ~Annie Polack / Dance Teacher and Co-owner of Virtuoso Performing Art Center

“I’m 14 years old and a freshman in high school.  I’m thankful the authors gave me the opportunity to read The Legend of L’Esprit and what a beautiful novel they have created.  The dialogue flows seamlessly.  I think it will appeal to anyone interested in dance. There really aren’t many fiction peices on dance (believe me, I’ve checked) so I think any dancer would be attracted to it, whether 12, 98 or anything in between.  It’s purpose is something that is so true, so meaningful, and so well-expressed.  Greenberg and Shandley have captured the passion that a dancer feels perfectly.  A passion that Daniella has and that Libby matches.  Additionally, their description of the dance world: the competitions, the Poms dance team, the relationship between dancers, the contrast between the cattiness of some dancers and the others who dance for the pure joy of it—everything is just so true.  I think dancers will really connect, and other readers will be inspired.” ~ Julia J. / Chicago Area Dance Student and  Avid Reader

I loved The Legend of L’Esprit.   I couldn’t put it down until I finished it!  I liked how the story moved between the present and past.  I truly felt I was in a different time, like I was actually there.  I know this story will appeal to young adults, but women like me will enjoy the romantic aspects, the intrigue and suspense.  This story has so much to it and captures the reader thoughout.”~Sue Polack / Virtuoso Performing Art Center

The Legend of L’Esprit will appeal not only to dancers, but other young adults on up.  I can envision it as a Disney movie.  I’m 46 years old and I loved it.  I enjoyed reading it so much, I’m already looking forward to the next one.  I know my dance students will love reading this!” ~Dee Dee Huehnerfuss / Dance Teacher and Owner of DDH Dance Academy

“The story flows so well and the characters are incredibly believable.  I really thought the book was wonderful.”  ~Jenny Clarkson / Avid Reader

“My teenage daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Legend of L’Esprit.  As the owner of Once Upon a Time Bookstore, I’m very familiar with the young adult market and I know this story will appeal to not only young adults, but any age reader involved in dance.”     ~ Lesley Connor / Owner of Once Upon  A Time Bookstore